You Are Not Your Addiction!

Guest Post: Cynthia Wand

ADDICTED -|əˈdiktid|
•physically and mentally dependent on a particular substance, and unable to stop taking it without incurring adverse effects: she became addicted to alcohol and diet pills.
• enthusiastically devoted to a particular thing or activity: he’s addicted to computers.

The addiction list is long:

  • shoppingunnamed
  • gambling
  • facebook
  • pornography
  • drugs
  • alcohol
  • gaming
  • eating
  • complaining
  • raging
  • fear
  • sugar

And we can also be addicted to things that are supposed to be good for us:

  • exercise
  • reading
  • work
  • yoga 🙂
  • running
  • service

Treating addictions has become another big business. We’ve given this part of our lives A LOT  of attention. We’ve made it very big, very shaming and very difficult to leave behind and millions have paid millions to find a way out of the destructive labyrinth.

But is the current system of “addiction recovery” effecive? Are the numbers crippled by addictive behavior diminishing? I’m guessing probably not. And why? Because the supposed healing model is too close to the level of the problem.

“I am an addict,” is the refrain that 12-step programs have been training people to declare for many years now. It is the acknowledgement that you have a problem.


I know people who are stil “recovering alcoholics” after 20 years of sobriety! I wonder when they’ll give themselves permission to say, ” I used to have a problem with alcohol.”

The world we have been living in, for thousands of years, incarnation after incarnation, has been one of separation from our divine Self. We collectively made the incrdible decision to see how life would be without the KNOWING  that we are a part of the supreme Creator, endowed with magnificent qualities and powers and Love.

This dark life of being without Light and Love, has forced us to turn to substances and distractions to help us ease the pain, to numb us from the fear that permeates our world. This all was part of the plan of those who seized the opportunity to take control of a population that forgot how powerful they truly are.

Keep them afraid, separate from Source, separate from advanced consciousness, and feeling like anti-depressants will make everything alright- this has been the plan and it has worked.

The current model of treatment for addictive behavior is operating from the same shame-based, ego-based level of energy that the addiction is operating from – and that’s why it’s not making a dent in the problem.

Now do I have the magic bullet that’s going to heal addictive behavior overnight? NO.

But what I do have is the knowing that we must zoom out and above the problem and see it from the cosmic perspective of divine Love.

You will never be able to “deny” yourself out of an addiction but you will be able to “love” yourself through an addiction, when you begin to take steps toward declaring to yourself that you’re MUCH BIGGER AND MUCH GREATER than the obstacle called an addiction.

Instead of declaring, “I AM an addict,”  acknowlede, “I have a challenge with an addictive behavior and I AM the Light Of God, that NEVER FAILS – I Am loving myself free!”

Over the last year or so, more and more clients who are coming to me are confessing their addictions. At first I was resistent to the idea that I could assist them in those areas. I’m very clear before I work with them, that I am not a therapist or addiction counselor.. But that quiet voice within trusted that if they’re at my doorstep, and want to work with me and we are getting to the root of other challenging areas of their lives, there will be transformation there too.

So bit by bit I’ve encouraged these clients to take empowering steps that purposely put them into higher vibration experiences while at the same time reintroducing them to their magnificent Self, forgiving their trespasses, loving themselves while working through their challenges.

Addictive behaviors is only the byproduct of living in a world that is designed to keep us in fear. When you embrace this truth, turn away from the fear and make every attempt to love yourself and humanity, mother earth, our Company of Heaven and God, then that which has its hold on you begins to loosen its grip, because you are no longer feeding it.

Does it take time? Yes. Is it the hardest thing we’ll ever let go of? Probably. Is it worth it? UHHH… YES!!

Whatever your addiction is, let it not define you. Let it not become your prison but your spring board to your reunion with your Higher Self and the love that you are.

Breathe in forgiveness, breathe out limitations. Breathe in love, breathe out shame.

 We’re all being cleansed of the shadow part of our consciousnes. Celebrate the fact that if you’ve acknowledged an addiction, and are taking steps in clearing it, then you’re well on your way to being a part of the great ascension of humanity and fulfilling the divine plan for your life.

I send you love, and wish you much self-forgiveness and self-love in this sacred journey of becoming!