Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes

In-Person Class Schedule

  • Wednesday 8:15am Gentle/Functional Yoga (all levels)
    Alpine Balance Yoga 195 E 200 S Alpine, UT.
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  • Wednesday 9:30am InTune Yoga Flow (mixed level)
    Alpine Balance Yoga 195 E 200 S Alpine, UT.
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  • Wednesday 12pm Hot Yoga – Gentle (60 min)
    Purify Wellness Center 1064 S N County Blvd #160, Pleasant Grove, UT.  REGISTER HERE »
  • Mondays – Backyard YOGA 2023 Is CLOSED for the season.
    THEME: Energy Balancing – (Yin/Yang, Surya/Chandra)
    (Request address)
    Offered June 12 – Aug 21 on Mondays (indoor option in inclement weather)
    @7am – Meditation (20 min)
    @7:30am – InTune Yoga Flow (60-70 min)
    by donation Venmo @linda-black-3

Stay at Home and join me live on Zoom!

Quality classes with personalized feedback and small class sizes!
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Yoga In The Park Summer 2023

Join me for my favorite kind of Yoga…Yoga in NATURE!
Here are the places you’ll see me this summer…
(NOTE: these classes are held weekly through the summer with a different guest instructor each week)

  • Creekside Park – Alpine
    100 S 600 E, Alpine UT (East side next to splash pad)
    Every Saturday @8:00am MST June – Sep
    I’ll be teaching: June 10, July 1, 15, Sep 9
    Cost: FREE
  • La Petite Maison Antiques – Draper
    915 E 12600 S, Draper, UT 84020 (directly North of Draper Historic Park)
    Every Sunday @9:30am MST May 21 – Sept 17 (weather permitting)
    I’ll be teaching: July 2, 16, Aug 20, & Sept 3
    Cost: FREE

Class Descriptions…

InTune Yoga –  This mixed level Hatha Yoga class combines Pranayama, Chakra balancing and heart opening yoga sequences in a way that helps the practitioner “Tune In”.

You will come away feeling more vibrant, alive and ready to take on the day! Designed for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

Your body is an instrument. And, like an out of tune piano, can become unstable, lose harmony, and feel tense. This shows up in our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors (ie: burnout, overwhelm, impatience). When tuned, the soul feels connected to the action of the body and mind…you feel balanced, toned, strong, and flexible. I call it “tuning in”. This class is a combination of yoga asana (postures), breathing techniques, and energy play that will help you be “InTune”. Sweating optional. Class is 75 min.

Meditation Basics – If you are new to meditation this is for YOU! If you are a seasoned vet, practice with us…we invite all levels! A brief description of the type/style of meditation will be given and then you will experience a hand-picked set of meditation modalities to practice. Two or three each time we meet. Meditation has been studied for it’s effectiveness at decreasing stress and increasing focus. Yay!

Gentle/Functional Yoga – Do you feel like life is so fast paced that you are running to keep up? The secret isn’t time management. The secret is SOUL management. Get more done by taking time to move from your “SOUL”. This class is designed to balance your energy, strengthen core muscles, and regulate the nervous system with breathing exercises and mindful movement… Sans the chatturangas and down dogs. Come as you are and let yourself tune in to what your body craves.

Candlelight Hot Flow – This will be very similar to InTune Yoga with more emphasis on FLOW. Also done in a HOT yoga room by candlelight. Very nice!!