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  • “Linda was a great coach. She really personalized the training to what I needed. She definitely exceeded my expectations and I’m grateful to have had time with her.”

    ~ Keehan K.

  • “I met Linda when she was a Corporate Yoga Coach at Rocky Mountain Power several years ago. Recently I contacted her for a series of private sessions, primarily to address issues with my neck. She’s a problem solver and instead of treating symptoms went directly to the root causes, such as bad posture, alignment, ergonomics, flexibility, strength, and so on. Her holistic approach has me on my way to a much improved outlook, not only for my neck, but for my general health as well. I’m very greatful to her coaching and this was money extremely well spent on myself. If you want to improve yourself, regardless of having a problem or being healthy, do as I did and call Linda. She also becomes a terrific friend!”

    ~ Iraja C.

  • “I was looking for an instructor to guide me and teach me the yoga basics. I got much more with Linda. She taught me about nutrition and body chemistry right along with meditation and yoga. Her skills and knowledge is outstanding. She is very friendly but firm in her principles. I am so glad I found her and highly recommend her to all who wish to better themselves.”

    ~ Joni G.

  • “I had the privilege to spend a one hour private session with Linda Black. Even though I am not a beginner to yoga, it was a huge benefit to me. She spent time with personal alignment for my body, and went over postures that improve my wellbeing. Even things that I may have known about were great reminders, and it get me an awareness of my body that I didn’t come in with.  She was truly a pleasure to work with and get to know. If ever given the chance, I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

    ~ Holli Y.

“2009 started out as a bit of a train wreck.  I had just had my second child and was having a really hard time getting my groove back.  My adorable baby girl spent the latter half of my pregnancy on my right hip and I was plagued months later with searing sciatica.  I was losing the curvature of my spine from sitting in front of a computer all day and adopting my dad’s characteristic ‘turtle-style’, forward hunch.  It was getting bad enough that I needed a whopping dose of Vitamin I (my husband’s term for ibuprofen) to get to sleep most nights.  I just wasn’t getting back on track the way I used to be able to.  Couple that with the stress of grad school and a the tail end of a thesis to finish and defend, and there was no way I was getting up in the morning on the right side of the bed. Something had to change!

Enter yoga and Linda Black. In a small gesture of kindness to myself, I started attending Linda’s yoga classes over my lunch breaks.  I remember the first day, struggling to stay in a very awkward-feeling downward dog, and thinking, “No way can I get good at this…it’s too hard…I’m not ready…it’s too different.”  But I also noticed later that day, that I could breathe a little deeper, think a little more clearly and felt infinitely more refreshed. I felt less stress and like I’d had an huge attitude adjustment. Perfect for a long ten-hour day. And that feeling persisted until the evening and made my whole day better. I decided to give it a second try…then a third…then a fourth.

That was a year and a few months ago. With no more nightly Vitamin I, sciatica an infrequent visitor, about an inch taller thanks to better posture, much stronger and with a new awareness of body, I can easily say that practicing yoga has changed my life. It helped me get my groove back and cope with the stress of school and work.  The spiritual aspect helped me deal more calmly with some very difficult schedules and stressful events in my personal life.  I feel stronger, leaner, more balanced, more comfortable in my own skin with each practice.  Plus, it never hurts to hear from your husband or loved one, “Wow, you’re getting some sexy yoga back muscles!”  I am incredibly grateful that yoga is both available where I work and that Linda Black, a thoughtful, skilled and exceptional teacher of this great art, takes the time to come visit us.  I am so glad I gave it a try and stuck with it – now I look forward to every class.  With much gratitude and love, Namaste,”

~ Sara Larsen

  • Linda Black has helped me with pain that I’ve been experiencing throughout the past several years.  Linda taught me skills, stretches, and made me aware of proper posture and sleep positioning that would help my condition.  I am sleeping much better and feeling better.  My pain has been markedly reduced and I am thrilled with the results that have far exceeded my expectations.  Thank you Linda for your expertise and friendship!

    ~ Michelle S. 

  • Seriously, yoga has given me something I’ve needed since I was a child. My focus for every class is the same: I will love myself. I will appreciate the life within me. I’ve made more progress toward this goal in the past two months than I’ve made in 31 years. I can’t tell you how huge this is for me.

    ~ Cyndi

  • I love yoga!  I started several months ago, and have noticed numerous benefits.  The best benefit of all is my decrease in intensity of migraine headaches.  I also feel so much more relaxed after class, and ready to tackle my day.
  • I am currently recovering from major surgery, and believe the yoga I did before is helping me to heal faster.  I have been able to get up and move a lot quicker than either I or the doctor predicted.

I loved working with Linda one on one! This experience gave me so much insight into my personal practice as well as focused tutoring on how I can improve as an instructor. Linda has such a wealth of knowledge, I would highly recommend recording your private sessions so you can remember and refer back to each session often. The best word I can think of to describe my experience is “magical!” Linda taught me how to change the direction of my energy and truly “feel” the poses for the first time in my many years of practice. I am forever grateful and look forward to working with her more in the future!

~ Mary Jane Ferguson

  • I can’t wait to be totally better and get back into class.  Linda and her associates are just the best instructors!

    ~ Judy M.

  • Linda Black is one of the best yoga coaches in her field.  She not only has an in-depth knowledge but she strongly calls you forth to heal your body.  She helped me heal a knee injury and back issues that physical therapy and regular doctors couldn’t fix.  I highly recommend her.

    ~ Lisa J. Peck CEO of Step It Up Enterprises

Teacher Training Raves

  • I REALLY enjoyed your workshop.  There was an abundance of information!  You guided me in the right direction to see the gifts I possess as an instructor, and how those gifts will draw certain clients to me.  I really liked the reference material (release form, sample class ideas).  Overall this was a GREAT workshop and I would recommend it to anyone interested in teaching yoga in a corporate setting or a studio setting.

    ~ Rachel

  • “I started yoga with Linda Black and her team at the DWR about a year ago, about the time I finished my dissertation and took a desk job with the DWR. I was looking for diversity in instruction, a way to step up my practice without taking more time away from home, and a way to enliven the long days at the office.  It’s been everything I’d hoped for in terms of my practice, and I’ve been able to progress faster and with fewer injuries than ever before.  It’s also helped connect me to my co-workers in unexpected but great ways, as yoga easily cuts across the usual internal / agency boundaries.”

    ~ R.N., DNR

“I’ve been practicing yoga for a little more than two years.  (I work at a desk all day, concentrating intensely; I’m the mother of 6 children and the grandmother of 11 – soon to be 12 grandchildren.)   My beginning year was so much fun learning about yoga and we settled into a fairly moderate routine.   It was refreshing to get a vigorous workout without punishing my joints.  When I was a little younger, I loved to run, but the years of pounding took a toll on my hips, knees and feet and I began to take anti-inflammatory drugs to ease the pain enough to get around during the day and get to sleep during the night.

Almost two years ago, my feet were so painful I could hardly walk.  I had a series of cortisone injections in my toes which gave me relief for several weeks at a time, but eventually my toes got terribly deformed on both feet and I had to have surgery to correct them.  The toes were fused and the calf muscles were cut and re-attached in order to lengthen the muscles and prevent a recurrence.

I had to stop yoga for several months while waiting for both feet to heal and I had to wear a surgical boot, which made me lurch unevenly when I walked and this caused a terrible inflammation in my hip.  It was so painful when I went to bed at night, I was taking up to 5 Advil at a time so I could get enough relief to fall asleep.  I dreaded going to any store because it was so painful to walk any distance.

As soon as I was able to start back into yoga, our class was lucky enough to have you and others from your team as our teachers.  The precisely correct body positioning, the more focused flexibility and strength poses have helped me recover to the point where I can walk pain-free and do without anti-inflammatory drugs.  Because you and your team are so knowledgeable, I have no hesitation about trying new poses and it is so much fun!

I feel stronger than I have in years and I think I am to the point where my strength is really working to protect my joints.   I know I feel much better and I love leaving my desk for an hour for yoga practice.  I can always work faster when I get back to my desk – maybe it’s the inversions putting more blood in my head :).  I can keep up with my grandchildren, ride my bike, play tennis and walk without pain.

So, Linda, I’m a big fan and I so appreciate all three of you.”

~ Karen Rosevear, Franklin Covey

  • “As I was helping my brother move a couch, I pulled my back. The osteopath I consulted highly recommended yoga. As I attended, I noticed that the lower back pain I usually had went away. Attending the classes left me feeling energized and alive. I have learned a lot that has helped me on the job and in athletic training. I recommend yoga frequently to people who suffer from back pain.”

    ~ Nathan Wilson

  • “Coming back to Yoga this year has been a joy.  Yoga redirects my stress and makes me smile.  My body has shown a major improvement.  My flexibility is greater, my core is getting stronger, and understanding the fundamentals has helped me get into the poses without struggling.  Thank you.”

    ~ Nan S. Van Dyke

  • “In my early 30s I had chronic low back pain because of deteriorated disks. Really debilitating stuff. Doctors recommended surgery but at the time back surgery was in its infancy and I opted out. I stumbled into a yoga regime and with regular practice I am pain free most of the time because I am able to stretch and decompress my lower back. I’m so glad I didn’t have the surgery 17 years ago.”

    ~ Tina Lang, Franklin Covey

  • “Having yoga here at the DNR has been such a gift! Being able to walk across the parking lot and take a class at lunch from such experienced, talented instructors is truly amazing. We should all feel very lucky 🙂 There is a noticeable difference between days that I do yoga at work and days I do not. I find I have more energy, can sit for longer periods of time and have less stress on Tuesday and Thursday. I love that each month we focus on specific topics, ensuring that we learn about and work our entire body. This is a great program and I am so thankful for it!”

    ~ Carrisa Brandt

“Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us about the benefits of yoga and to show us breathing and stretching that can help us on our road to recovery from breast cancer.  You did such a fabulous job!  I have receive nothing but positive feedback about your presentation.  You are truly a gifted instructor.  I know that many of the women in our support group really connected with the principles you were teaching.  Thank you once again.  It is was an honor to meet you.  I hope our paths cross again.”

~ Colette Harris

  • “I started Yoga with Linda 3 years ago when I assumed a more stressful job position and needed a mid-day break. Yoga has helped me with core strength, balance and flexibility and is a welcome release from the madness that is life. And you get a little nap at the end.”

    ~ Matt Lindon

  • “I can’t help myself and  just have to say thanks! – for the level of instruction you provide for us. You are so generous with your knowledge. You do not have to go to the level you do with us (especially all the people you teach) and yet you still give this amazing level of instruction. This has made such a difference for me to be able to improve my yoga practice and get the most out of my body.”

    ~ Russ Salas

“I started yoga when in my fifties because I was starting to develop lower back pain and a “pot gut,” so typical of middle aged Americans.  After practicing the basics for a few weeks my lower back pain went away and has not returned.  I soon learned that yoga is much more than people sitting around in the lotus position meditating.  It is a discipline to keep the mind sharp and the body flexible and healthy.  Now, six years later, it is a key part of my routine and a healthy lifestyle.  The company’s continued support of our yoga class and Linda Black, its instructor, is a very cost effective investment in the health of all who choose to participate on a regular basis.”

~ Dennis Hansen