Sun Basket

I LOVE to eat GOOD food!

Food that unclogs the drain, boosting your fat burning ability and makes you feel VIBRANT and ALIVE! Sun Basket makes it easy to do!! If you’ve made a commitment to eating healthier. Sun Basket can help you make smart decisions by sending you healthy, delicious meals that are fast and easy to cook.

That’s why I LOVE Sun Basket. I think you’ll like Sun Basket, too, so I’m providing you a link to get 3 free meals to try today! You can sign up with my offer code to get your free meals with your first purchase.

Try 3 free Sun Basket meals courtesy of Linda Black!

Sun Basket healthy food

Annmarie Skincare: Honest, wild, beautiful!

I’m just as picky about what I put on my skin as what I put in my body…I love organic, all natural, and no fillers. I bet you do too right? That’s why my first choice in nourishing my epidermis is Annmarie skin care. This company is all about the environment and super picky about what goes into each item they sell. Their products can be sampled at a reasonable low price to find what suits you best. Some of my favorites include: Aloe-herb Facial Cleanser, Anti-aging Facial Oil, Earth Minerals Foundation, Ayurvedic Facial Scrub. Honestly I’ve enjoyed their excellent customer service as much as I’ve enjoyed every product I’ve purchased. They are amazing!
Annmarie Skincare

I feel loved when I open a package from Annmarie…this is a Mother’s Day special that came with a surprise free facial brush, love card, and sachet of lavender. Seriously good customer service!

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Sergeant Jones Chiropractic & Natural Therapy

I met Dr. Rubert Jones at SunCrest while teaching a yoga class. His assistant invited me in to test drive his services. Wow! I was impressed with his intuitive adjustments…just the right amount of pressure and no jerking. His background in Massage Therapy is evident with his subtle approach at alignment and attunement to the body. He is skilled at re-aligning joints, muscle tissue, and bones where it is most needed. I highly recommend his services if you are experiencing any pain related issues in the body or just want a tune up! Affordable and worth it!

Dr. Rubert Jones, DC
1828 E Fort Union Blvd. SLC, UT  84121


Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is one of my faves! Besides being a bestselling author (and I have all of her books), she has developed a profiling system for putting YOU in the driver’s seat of your own personal style. See how your unique energy blueprint (made up of air, water, fire & earth) play a part in the way you dress, communicate, think, and move through life. Check it out here. It’s a mind blower!

Want to look beautiful & feel confident?

Runners, Runners, Runners!

Dr. Ray McClanahan
Hey…what are your shoes doing for you?

Another fave of mine Dr. Ray McClanahan, a Podiatrist in Oregon, dishes the do’s and don’ts in keeping your feet happy and healthy…the way nature intended! Enter promo code “CorporateYogafreeship” for free shipping!


Looking for teaching training?

Here are some I highly recommend:

-InBody Yoga Academy

InBody Yoga Academy  located in Salt Lake city has offerings that range from beginner to advanced teacher. To see their current offerings and class schedule visit