After Christmas Blues

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

I did. But I’m experiencing the after Christmas blues!

Are you?

So many projects were pushed to the back burner until after Christmas and now that burner is boiling over!

I’m just assessing the overwhelm situation I now find myself in.

  • Now that the party is over there is the cleanup.
  • Taking back the gifts that don’t fit you or your lifestyle is on your to do list.
  • It’s cold outside and you just want to cozy up by the fire and read a book.

Well, nothing wrong with that. Unless it’s keeping you from finishing off your year with a bang!

I was just contemplating how to get myself inspired and motivated to dig in and initiate some mind blowing antsy pants energy today and here’s what I came up with…

Six quick fixes to cure the after Christmas Blues…

  • The one hour quick fix. That is: to fix, clean, or make progress towards finishing a nagging task on your to do list. You only get one hour then you’re done. Make the phone call, research the idea, make a plan, clean out the closet, finish the project, or whatever will get your grove on…just do it! Ahhh, now that feels good!
  • Be out in nature. It’s not just in the spring, summer, and fall that we need mother nature. We need her in the winter too. Nature is the healing antidote to depression, anxiety, or to infuse your day with a fresh perspective and get the creative juices flowing again. warrior1
  • Change your energy. Even if you don’t feel like going out you can “fake it ‘til you make it”. Simply put…don your boots, gloves, winter coat and pants and head out into the crisp clean air. Take a walk around the block or to the store or take in the fresh air above the city for a little snow shoeing hike! Snow shoes are inexpensive and a great way to enjoy the outdoors if you don’t ski or otherwise enjoy the outdoors.
  • Aroma therapy. Which is, to lift your spirit/energy with the scent of an essential oil. This practice can do as much or more for you psychologically than exercise. Some of my favorite scents to diffuse are peppermint (the anti-depressant oil) and Wild Orange (the oil of abundance). Both are easy to use and are great smelling individually or paired up to give you a stunning double whammy feel good. You can use an oil diffuser or simply put a few drops of oil in your hands and rub together and smell. Be mindful that you do not get the oils in your eyes, peppermint stings!
  • Quick Lemon Cleanse. Wow did I ever splurge on the junk food this week. It’s totally out of character for me but it is a strong indicator that I need healthy food. I just don’t feel good when I eat crap. The sugars, processed foods, wheat, and cheeses all took a toll on my body (and skin). Is it just me or do you feel sluggish after a binge on these? A great cleanse this week (which I’m doing) is to drink a quart of warm water with one squeeze of lemon first thing in the morning. Down the hatch. The whole quart. It takes me about 20 minutes to drink it all. Seven days of this helps clean the pipes.
  • Eat living food. I’m on a green smoothie binge this week. Based in probiotics of home-made Kefir and sevenpoint2 protein and greens, this drink is a gentle cleanse of greens with the added benefit of good flora for the gut. Adding 20160205_101122 enzymes with sprouted seeds is a good choice as well. You can also soak raw nuts to release their enzyme properties and then either dehydrate or place in a jar in the fridge for snacks. Juicing fresh vegetables and fruits or making a green smoothie every day for a meal or snack will give you that pick-me-up energy boost in the middle of the day. Eat a salad or add fresh veggies and greens to a chicken wrap or make the whole wrap veggie!
  • Do Yoga! Of course, this is on my list. One of my favorite mood enhancing postures is Warrior 1 and Warrior 2. The stance is strong and commanding. Reaching your arms overhead helps boost your energy and makes you feel like you can take on any