To Be Of One Heart or Not to Be – What was the question?

RJP - GR-9640-EditI recently attended a fireside hosted at my neighborhood LDS Stake Center (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), of which I have a religious affiliation in. The fireside was titled “Be of One Heart, Unity in Marriage”, with speaker Matt Townsend, an entertaining expert on communication and relationships. Mr. Townsend talked for a solid hour on this premise…

To be of “One Heart” in ANY relationship we must first be of “One Heart” with God (our Maker, The Universe, Higher Power, Source).

The question is, then, how do you do become of “One Heart”? How do you bring the spirit of Unity into your relationships? How do you stay in that place of pure love, light, truth and peace?

In a word: Meditation.

To meditate is to commune with God (Source). It gets us back in line with our higher power and true self by quieting the mind and letting distractions that thwart our peace fall away. When we are out of integrity, (in disconnect, discord, or duality) with our highest self, our relationships are superficial, unfulfilled, short lived and indigent. A sure sign of being out of integrity with our higher self is when we put our own wants and needs above the good of the whole. It also shows up as feeling alone in the world, disconnected from people, powerlessness, fearfulness, anxious, worthlessness, etc.

When I feel this way meditation is my go-to practice to pull me up and out of the dumps of despair.

My belief is that when we know who we are and what we stand for we are connected to source, we are “In Spirit” or of “ONE HEART”. As such, our decisions and actions come from the heart. Our interest in the well-being of others is broadened and the desire for outcomes with win-win solutions is the goal. It is the moment we recognize that what we do to one person we do to ourselves because we are of one heart, soul and mind. It is when we know that we are loved and lovable and worthy of life’s happiness. When we are in that mindset we are less likely to view ourselves as a victim and more likely to see the mistakes that we and others make for what they are… part of the human experience and an opportunity for growth. We are more at peace and

  • OPEN to speaking our truth.
  • HONORING of others and hearing their views with an understanding heart.
  • WILLING to stand our ground in a non-judgmental way that honors us yet at the same time is not forcing our will onto another.
  • Willing to allow others the choice to make their own mistakes and experience growth.

The bottom line is this: in order to become one with God or “In Unity” with our divine self it requires quiet contemplation and being open to remember who we are: a part of divine source. This is hard to do when we are paying attention to outward influences, such as the media telling us we need to look a certain way to be happy or buy this product to be beautiful, or own a specific car or that house or these shoes to feel adequate. These distractions are counterfeit sources of well-being. They are short lived and leave us feeling unworthy, scarce, small, and weak.

Meditation can bring you back to what is purposeful. It is the practice of being present and engaged in the moment. It is our ability to hold acute awareness while doing the dishes, driving the car, being engaged in a conversation, or listening to a friend. When we connect in the present moment to who we are, connection to others follows effortlessly. We are naturally kinder, more understanding, patient, loving, thoughtful, and caring. Isn’t that the definition of being of “One Heart”?

When we live in the present moment of deep commitment and love we are present to our own divinity. An example of this is seen in a mother caring for her child, small acts of unselfish kindness, or when we are present to consider another’s pain and act on our ability to alleviate that pain. This is being of “One Heart”.

BE of One Heart – Meditate – Namaste.

How do YOU get to and stay in that place of peace, love, light and truth? What is your prescription for being of “One Heart”? Do you have a favorite meditation practice? Please leave a comment below. I would love to hear your stories.