Healthy Eating Thanksgiving

10 Tips for a Healthy Happy Thanksgiving

10 Tips for a Healthy Happy

1. Find out in advance what the host is cooking. Ask in a friendly and curious manner. If
you don’t hear about options for healthy greens and side dishes, offer to help bring a
healthy dish to share!

2. Eat breakfast and/or a snack before you arrive. The biggest mistake you can make
before big holiday meal is to starve yourself all day to “save up” calories. This will
completely make your blood sugar crazy, and you’ll be left with no option but to stuff your
face on the carbiest carb lying around…breads and pies. Start your day with a healthy
green drink that fills and satisfies your nutritional needs so that you aren’t famished and
ready to eat everything in sight when Thanksgiving spread is put before you.

4. Take a walk outside. Spend some time in the outdoors on this day. Appreciate nature! It
will bring you closer to God and the Universe!

5. Be Loving and Gentle with Yourself. Being grateful for yourself and your body. The
greatest gift you can give yourself this day is a juicy self-care splurge such as, watching a
movie with a friend, taking a hot bath, listening to favorite music, meditating for 15 minutes,
etc. Whatever your guilty pleasure is do it guilt-free in honor and celebration of you!

6. Drink plenty of water. Start your day with a quart of lemon water to cleanse and wake
up your digestive system. Continue to drink throughout the day giving yourself ½ hour break
before eating and limiting fluids to ¼ cup at mealtime and following up with more fluids an
hour after your meal. When you feel tired or hungry drink fluids…you might just be

7. Eat your veggies first! Fill up on greens and then add the meat and potatoes. Chances
are your portions will be smaller and you will feel better. Listen to what your body is asking
for. If you are craving sugars allow yourself to feel the feeling, notice it, and address it after
you’ve filled up on the greens.

8. Savor Each Bite. Chewing your food completely before the next bite is taken helps
digestion. Your food is smaller going down and will assimilate faster into the blood stream.
Slowing down gives the digestive juices a chance to build up and start to work while you
eat. This is gentler on the stomach

9. Breathe. – A great way to center the mind and connect to the flow of energy. Allow
yourself to let go of pressing, out-of-the-moment thought and tune-IN to the present with
both mind and body. Make a connection to your body through the breath. Listen and feel the
motion of each inhale and each exhale as you breathe. Did you know? It is the #1 way to
detoxify the body!!

10. Enjoy the day. Relax. Be Present. Enjoy the gift of family and friends!